In 2014, The Department of Sociology changed the application process to its M.A. program. Required documents consist of a 2-page statement of purpose and, for non-B.U. sociology applicants, 2 letters of recommendation. In addition to the interview, there will also be a written exam. Please note that research proposals are no longer accepted. 

Important dates in this year's admissions calendar:

May 21, 2021: Electronic application system closes at 5:00 PM
June 3, 2021: Written exam between 14:00-15:15 PM. The written exam will be conducted through online channels. The details will be announced shortly.
June 10, 2021: Interviews start at 10:00 AM, end at 5:00 PM.  Interviews will be conducted through online Zoom sessions.  

Applicants coming to the written exam  will be asked to answer two separate general questions about social issues and analysis. The questions will be designed to assess students' capability and potential for sociological/anthropological imagination and understanding, as well as the ability to develop this way of thinking at the Master's level.

Instructions for writing your statement of purpose:

Your statement of purpose is NOT A RESEARCH PROPOSAL but should address the following questions in a manner most relevant for you:  describe yourself,  your personal and educational background, and please explain your interest in our department.  Suggest some topics you are interested in studying, and explain what led you to become interested in these issues, as well as their broader sociological relevance/context. A strong/successful statement of purpose should give the admissions committee a clear sense of who you are, as well as your qualification and readiness for graduate study in sociology.    

Statement of purposes should be no more than two pages single-spaced, and standard technical requirements apply (Times New Roman 12 pt. font, 1-inch margins, etc.) The faculty will not help the applicants in writing the statement of purpose nor in choosing topics.