Author Title Date
Melissa Bilal The lost lullaby and other stories about being an Armenian in Turkey. 2004
Jale Karabekir Performance as a strategy for women's liberation: practices of the theatre of the oppressed in Okmeydanı Social Center. 2004
Bedirhan Dehmen Appropriations of folk dance at the intersection of the national and the global : Sultans of the Dance. 2003
Elif Müyesser Babül Belonging to Imbros: citizenship and sovereignty in the Turkish Republic. 2003
Cem Samurçay Dreaming of liberation: codes of masculinity in some upper middle class literati male texts. 2002
Bülent Tunga Yılmaz Discourse and narrative in the national cinema movement. 2002
Defne Erdur Seeking the truth of sex: narratives of sexuality amongst Boğaziçi University students. 2002
Z. Umut Türem Globalization of law and the legal profession in Turkey. 2001
Erkan Saka Blaming Others : Agency among unionised unskilled workers . 2001
Nurullah Ardıç Mobile phone and the re-negotiation of the public and the private. 2001
Merih Erol New modes of creating public space : the case of Kalan Müzik. 2001
Elif Kale Provision, distribution and constructions of the state in the aftermath of the İzmit earthquake. 2001
Aslı Günel The spatio-temporal constructs of advertising professionals as global locals. 2001
Tuba İnci Aydın TÜSİAD in the 1990s: the story of a transformation. 2001
Güldem Baykal The iconography of Taksim square: competing claims on a public space. 2000
Ayşe Esra Özcan The new configurations islam in Contemporary Turkey: the case of Yaşar Nuri Öztürk. 2000
Defne Suman Visions of morality, modesty and modernity in Contemporary Turkey: the case of Fadime Şahin. 2000
Melin Levent Yuna Identity construction : self-narration of educated Turkish Jewish young adults 1999
Funda Ar. A study of Çevik Kuvvet in İstanbul: the effects of social patterns on the degree of violence. 1999
Pervin Banu Gökarıksel Consumption sites in globalizing cities: the case of Akmerkez in İstanbul. 1998
Halide Velioğlu Conservative decadence : Metin Kaçan -politics of language in the 1990'ies-. 1998
Ali Hakan Anatomy of a post-fordist industry in a new global setting: Turkish apparel industry. 1998
Dalita Çetinoğlu İzmir 1923 : a sociological inquiry into nationalism and the economy congress. 1998

Sedef Özge The novel and the intellectual under military regimes: a study on the intellectual project of Turkish writers in the 1970's. 1998
Ayşecan Terzioğlu Turkish medical doctors: historical experience and self-narratives. 1998
Kenan Çayır Islamist civil society associations: the case of the Rainbow İstanbul Women's Platform. 1997
Özlem Okur Alternative advertisements on Turkish television channels. 1997
Uğur Kömeçoğolu A sociologically interpretative approach to the Fettullah Gülen community movement. 1997
Elif Ayşem Özkul. Clientelism in bureaucracies: a case study in a Turkish state enterprise. 1996
Zeynep Angın Negotiating reproduction and sexuality in a working-class community. 1996
Anıl Al A profile of liberal intellectual emergent in 1980's Turkey. 1996
Binnur Neidik Small business and social networking: the case of Istanbul's jeans industry. 1995
Zeynep Dilek Hattatoğlu Sexual dimensions of the power relations which manifest violence. 1992
Hatice Seda Günenç The representative responsibility of the male child and its manifestation in homicidal events. 1991
Candan Yenigün Feminist themes after 1980 in Turkey : a study of two magazines. 1989
Ayşe Durakbaşa The formation of Kemalist female identity: a historical-cultural perspective. 1987
Ali Arslan Prince Sabahaddin and his sociology. 1987
Ayşe R. Özberki Hilmi Ziya's life and thought from 1928 to 1960, in relation to the political and religious developments in the republic of Turkey. 1986
Nurcan Kuleli A study of the Vakıf institution in the traditional Ottoman city. 1986
Dilek Cindoğlu Women writers and women's fiction in 1970-1985 period of Turkey. 1986
Nuran Yavuz Culture popularized: the world of TAN. 1985
Belkıs Üşümezsoy The history of industrial sociology in Turkey. 1984
F. Banu Karaşin Employment rather than unemployment in a transitional rural formation. 1984
Nüket Esen The power of the dedes in Alevi society in South-Western Anatolia. 1983