Arzu Ünal

University of Amsterdam

Selected Publications: 

Wardrobes of the Middle East in Joseph, S. and Zaatari, Z. (eds) Hand Book of Middle East Women. Routledge, (forthcoming 2020)

Fashioning the Female Muslim Body: From “Hiding Beauty” to “Managing Beauty”, in Leibelt, C. Bollinger, S. and Vierke, U. (eds.) Beauty and the Norm. Palgrave Studies in Globalization and Embodiment, Palgrave Macmillian, (2018)

Outside the Fishbowl (“Fanus”): The çarşaf and its Multiple Publics in The Politics of Dress and Identity, R, D’Amora and T, Rooijakkers (eds). Leiden: Brill (forthcoming, 2020)

The Genealogy of the Turkish Pardösü (long overcoat) in the Netherlands and beyond, in Moors, A. and Tarlo, E. (eds) Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion New Perspectives from Europe and North America. London: Bloomsbury Publishers, (2013)

Formats, fabrics, and fashions: Muslim headscarves revisited, R.A. Ünal, & A. Moors in: Material Religion, Vol. 8, (2012), p. 308-329

Undoing Patrilineality: New Maternal Families and the Politics of Naming in Turkey” forthcoming in Journal of Women of the Middle East and the Islamic World (Brill)

Welfare regimes and Biopolitics in Turkey: Lives of Single Mothers and their "Maternal Families".  (Under review)

Piety and Politics of Festive Visibility in the Turkish-Dutch Weddings. (Under review)